How To Use a Wii Remote with Android

That's right! The Wii remote functionality is here! C.C.P. [email protected] came out with a Wiimote Controller app that is available in the market! Although issues with functionality for every type of phone have not yet been resolved, obviously, cross your fingers and hope it works with yours.

This app will only work with devices that have Android 4.1 and below. See Compatibility under NAVIGATE for more information.

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YouTube Installation/Setup Video

Step by Step Instructions

Make sure you download the WiiController App, click here

Step 1. Turn on Bluetooth

Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on and turn it on if it is not.

Step 2. Discovery Mode

Tap the first button in the application. At the same time, put your Wii remote in discovery mode by pressing "1" and "2" simultaneously.

Step 3. Connected

Wait for the "Connected" message to appear. The First LED will turn on for the Wii remote.

Step 4. WiiRemote

Back in the WiimoteController, tap the second button and select WiiControllerIME done.

Step 5. Complete

Your Wii remote is now CONNECTED!
*** If you wish to connect more than one Wii remote, follow the same procedure, but put ALL of them to discovery mode at the same time.

Additional Information


To Disconnect the Wii Remote, hold the power button on it. To disconnect all of them, use the option from the application's menu or simply turn the phones Bluetooh off. It is possible to set your default on-screen keyboard back automatically after you disconnect the last Wii remote. To do this, select Preferences from the menu and enable the option to switch. You also have to choose the target keyboard (that is the keyboard that is going to be started).


Analog sticks should be left in a neutral position when pluggin in an extension that has them. The reason behind this is that a calibration is done when such extensions are plugged in. Calibration is automatic and nothing needs to be done under normal circumstances. To calibrate manually follow this procedure:
  1. Make sure that the extension is plugged in and the Wii remote is connected.
  2. Analog sticks should be left in neutral position at this point.
  3. Press "+", "-", and "Home" on the Wii remote at the same time. All four lights will turn on. Release the 3 keys. Circle each analog stick around a couple of times as far as they go.
  4. You need to do this each time the Wii remote or the extension is replugged or reconnected.

Installation on Yongzh's Emulators

Enable "Use Input Method"

Frequently Asked Questions

The app doesn't work! It says "Error no -1". My bluetooth is on for sure.

Your phone is most likey not supported. So far, Samsung Moment and all HTC phones with Sense UI have been identified as having this issue and thus being unsupported. See this thread for technical info. Seems like HTC did something very bad to Android.

When will app be available for my Incredible/Desire/Legend/Magic/...?

See the question above. Please.

Will this ever work on my Incredible/Desire/Legend/Magic/...?

Do I really need to repeat myself? It might never. It isn't my fault though. See above.

The wiimote connects but there is no response in my (s)nesoid/gensoid/gameboid.

Three things need to be done for this to work (apart from connecting):
  • you need to choose WiiControllerIME with the second button
  • in your emulator you need to enable "Use input method" in settings (if there is no such setting, update your emulator!)
  • in your emulator you need to map wiimote's keys to game keys. You can do that in "Key mappings" inside settings

I have an unoriginal controller (like Nyko's for example). Now when I connect, the phone starts polling the data, but shortly after times out.

What to do? Unfortunately, unoriginal wii remotes and classic controllers cause issues such as abruptly disconnecting and misidentifying themselves. It's best to stick to original Nintendo hardware. The only confirmed piece of equipment that doesn't cause issues is the Datel's Retro Wireless Controller so if you've confirmed that your device works with WiimoteController app, you're safe to purchase either this or the original Nintendo controller.

I'm not installing this! The thing can read all my passwords and credit card numbers!

What you saw was a message from the Android, warning you that you're about to enable a 3rd party input method. All input methods (Like Swype, AnySoftKeyboard, HTC_IME, etc) get this message. Even if my app was malicious (which it isn't), it can't actually capture anything without being active. And even when it's active, it could only capture input from your wiimote. Long story short, you have nothing to wory about. Why does the app require internet connection then? It's to download and show advertisements.

I have an issue, not mentioned in this FAQ.

Contact me via email []. It is in my interest to make this work on as much devices as I can, but I can't do much if I don't actually have access to a device.

Will you be developing something like this for PS3 controllers?

I might, if I find the time in the future. But I need to buy a PS3 controller, as I don't have a PS3. You can always contribute to the cause

Known Bugs

Freeze/Delayed Response

Wii remote appears to freeze every couple of seconds for a moment. The cause for this is poor Wifi signal. Fix by moving closer to your Wifi hotspot or disabling Wifi On some devices, mostly HTC and most newer Samsung devices, the application starts searching, finds the controller, and then fails with a message. The most common messages are "No route to host" and "Protocol not supported". This is most likely a fault from the manufacturer and is unfixible for now.

Sticky Wii Remote

There is a known issue with buttons on the Wii remote being "sticky". One known reason for htis is poor Wifi signal. To fix, move closer to your Wifi hotspot or disable wifi while you are using this application.

Error no-3

On Android 1.5 devices the "Error no-3" emerges after trying to connect for the second time. To fix, turn the bluetooth off and on again.

Error no-1

There are some Android devices out there on which this application returns a "Error no-1" even if the Bluetooth is turned on. Manufactures of these devices have decided that they would not fully update the support everything outside the bounds of the official Android platform. Future updates on Android might solve these issues or they might never be solved. Regardless, they must be solved by the manufacturer - this is out of this application's authors' control.


This is only compatiable with Android 4.1 and below. With the Android 4.2 update, the essential bluetooth component was changed. This application does not work with most HTC Devices that have Sense UI.

Test Your Phone

You can easily check if your android device is supported by this app. You now need the controller to do this. Only original hardware by Nintendo is recommended for now. You can borrow a wiimote from a friend or go to your nearest gaming store to "try before you buy". Here is the procedure: Download WiimoteController if you haven't already
Turn on Bluetooth
Launch the app and select 1. Init and Connect
The app should find the controller and attempt to connect
If the connection succeeds and you are able to see event messages when you press buttons on the controller, then your device is supported
If the connection fails with a message like "No route to host" or "Protocol not supported" then your device is not supported.

HTC Workaround for ThunderBolt


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