How To Convert Playstation ISO's To Work on the Xperia Play

To play Playstation 1 ROMs on Xperia Play, a playstation/android phone, you have to first reverse engineer the stock emulator. After you've done that, you can convert PSX ISOs and then copy them to the correct folder. This tutorial will walk you through all of the necessary steps to successfully do this and convert the files so that they work on the phone.

Android Tools needed
Astro File Manager (Free)
Root Explorer ($3.99)

PC Tools needed
PSXperia Converter Tool 1 - This version is to be used when you are on Sony Ericsson Xperia Play software version 2.3.2 and 2.3.3.
PSXperia Converter Tool 2 - For people on 2.3.4 Xperia Play software or with Sony Tablet S. you will need the new as sony updated playstation portable and the games in this update.

Files needed
You will need to copy (2) files from your Xperia Play. The crash bandicoot emulator files that come stock on every Xperia Play device. You device does not need to be rooted in order to do this.

Follow These Steps

  1. Install Root Explorer.
  2. Open Root Explorer
  3. Browse to the /system/app folder
  4. Locate ""
  5. Press & Hold on the file then select Copy
  6. Press your phone's back button twice -> Open the SD card folder
  7. Paste to the root of SD card folder
  8. Remain in the SD Card folder, and scroll up. Locate and open the Android folder.
  9. Open the data folder
  10. Find the folder called, open it
  11. Open folder called files -> Folder
  12. Perform a long press on NCUA94900_1_1.zpak, when the dialogue box opens select copy
  13. Press your phone's back button 5 times, until you get back to the root of SD card
  14. Paste NCUA94900_1_1.zpak on root of SD card
  15. Now that you have copies of both files, transfer and NCUA94900_1_1.zpak to C:\PSXperia1.0\PSXFiles.

Using the PC Program

Open the folder and run "psxperiatool-gui-windows.bat". Accept all that apply (I agree etc. etc. etc., then highlight Yifanlu). Now click on the Extract tab and select the ZPAK/APK you've got from your mobile. After you selected them, click on extract to start the process.
Xperia Play Tool


After the operation has finished, go onto the Convert tab. Leave the output field as it is, and click on Choose on the PSX Image field. That's where you have to select your PSX Image. (Either .ISO or .BIN). Click on Change Icon to select an icon of your preference, or the one you've made (must be 175x175). Then enter the game's name (That's mandatory as you don't want to have the App name to be calles "PS One Game") and the descriptions if you want. You can change the ID too. After all that has been done, click on Convert:
Xperia Convert

Finish the Process

Now, the converted files will be in the output folder (there are 2 parts). Copy the APK file to the root of your SD card. Next copy the folder "" to sdcard/Android/data folder. After you've completed these steps, Open Astro File Manager -> Browse -> /sdcard/ -> file -> Select Install. The files are large so it takes a few minutes to install. When it is completely finished, slide open your Xperia Controller and verify the game is being recognized. If the game auto-closes, just reload it and it should work.


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