How to Use a Playstation Controller with Android Devices

Would you like to use your Playstation 3 (Sixaxis) or Playstation 4 (Dualshock) controller with your Android device? It's actually very easy and there are 2 ways of doing this.

  • Method 1)
    Connect your controller to your android devices by using a Micro USB Male to USB Female OTG Adapter Cable.
  • Method 2)
    If using Android 4.1 (or lower), you can use an app to pair with Bluetooth (may require root) otherwise for 4.2 and above, you can purchase a USB Bluetooth CSR Dongle.

Step 1 - Purchase a Micro USB OTG Adapter

Micro USB OTG Adapter Cable

You will need to purchase an Adapter to use the controllers with your Android device. This is because by default, your android device can recognize the controller, but cannot connect with it due to the lack of necessary bluetooth capabilities.

You can purchase a Micro USB OTG Adapter here:

Major stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Verizon Dealerships, RadioShack, do not carry these. Some specialty stores like FRYS Electronics will have them. Most will have to buy them online with the link provided above.

Step 2 - Connect Everything

Connect Cable Connect your Micro USB OTG Adapter to your phone, the connect the USB cable for your Playstation remote (came with your remote) to the female USB end of the adapter (like pictured). Make sure your controller is connected as well. When you connect your controller, it will flash orange for the PS4 Controller. You do not need to turn it on. For your PS3 Controller, the red lights on the top/center will flash red. This means it is connected. Both controllers should automatically connect (At least it did for me). You can try to use the left/right directional arrows on your home screen to ensure its working. If it's not working, try pressing the PS Button and waiting a few seconds.

If you cannot get this to work, you may need to use Method 2. Method 2 also has a way to use your USB cable.

Step 3 - Start Playing

That's it! You can open your game or emulator, pick a ROM, and start playing. Most emulators already have IME support / configuration for the controller so there is no setup necessary. If needed, go to the settings and map out the keys for your Playstation controller. Enjoy and game on.

Step 1 - Download App

You will need to download the app specified. There are two versions, DEMO and GOLD. You can try DEMO first and buy later.

USB/BT Joystick Center GOLD
USB/BT Joystick
Download it at Google Play

Step 2 - Pair

After you've downloaded the app, turn on your Bluetooth and open the App. In the app, you will see Search: HID/Normal on the top left of the screen. HID requires root, and normal does not. If you have a custom ROM and rooted, use HID otherwise select Normal. After you've selected, hit Search. If it can pair your controller, you will get a success message. If not, you will get a notice to either get a USB Bluetooth CSR Dongle or to root your device.

You can also use this app to connect by USB like Method 1. 1) Enable IME (Input method: USBJoyGOLDIME) 2) Press 'Search/Normal' Devices 3) Select the found Device-Button and check the Key-Mapping. Now you can press your Home Buttona nd open a game or emulator that has IME support.

Step 3 - Game on

If everything went smoothly, your controller will be paired with your device and you're ready to start gaming. Open your game or emulator and everything should work perfectly. If you'd like to modify your control mapping, define theme in your emulator settings or in Key-Mapping within USB/BT Joystick Center.


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