FAQS - Android Emulation

What are Emulators

An emulator is software that emulates the functions of another system, such as a Nintendo Emulator emulating the functions of the original Nintendo Console.

What are Console ROMs

Console ROMs are digital copies of video games and ROM stands for Read-Only Memory. It's really that simple.

ROM's wont download, I get a file error and it never starts?

The issue is that some Android Browsers will not download .zip files, you will need to get a File Manager, like Astro or AndroZIP File Manager. You can download them in the Market

Roms are loading up black, then goes to welcome screen?

Take the battery out of your phone to reset it. 15 seconds. This should fix it. This could also be due to no BIOS file. If you have an emulator that requires a BIOS, make sure you've downloaded it, unzipped it, and placed it in the same folder the ROM.

If I download with my phone, where do the files go?

All files are stored in the /sdcard/Download or /ext_sd/Download folder. The location varies per device, just look around for something like that.

Where do I save them?

When you connect the usb cable, click mount on your phone, save them in sdcard/Download, make a folder named "/Roms/". Save everything in there.

They show up as text, I cant download them!!! (happens with MAC computers and mobile phones)

With a MAC computer, you need to save target instead of just clicking the links. You can also download mozilla firefox. I havent figured a way to download them from mobile browser yet.

Uh, game doesnt work or it glitches out?

Not all emulators support all games, you may have to find another version of the game, or try a different emulator. Not all games work perfectly, do not expect it! I'm glad to help you, e-mail me.

What do you use for CONTROL SCHEME?

NES: for left, right, up, down: a,d,w,z -- for a:L, b:?
SNES: (with SNESoid) the trackball buttons for directional, and a: A, b:S, x:z, y:x


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