How To Extract Multi Part Files

Downloading mutli-part files can seem burdensome, but split files can be a great option not only for the person downloading the files, but for the server hosting the files. For the downloaders, each file becomes a more manageable size. If your internet speed isn't too fast or something goes wrong with a part, you don't have to download every part again. For the server, larger files can shut down a server if demand is too high. Server load balancing can become expensive, so this is an easy way to makes things more manageable for a site that is on a limited budget.

Fret not, regardless if a file is multi-part or not, it is just as easy to extracting a single file. If you have a file that is compressed then split, you'll need to extract the split files into the compressed file, then extract that file to get the contents inside.


7-Zip Extractor Tool (Free)

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Download all the split files if you have not already and make sure they are in the same folder. Split files appear as such: 7z.001, 7z.002, rar.001, zip.001
How To Extract Multi Part Files Part 1

Step 2

After all files are downloaded, select any file and then Right Click -> 7-Zip -> Extract Here. The 7-Zip tool will automatically detect the other parts.
How To Extract Multi Part Files Part 2

Step 3

Your split file is extracted. Sometimes this will be a compressed file. Depending on what you are doing, you may need to extract the files within your single compressed file. In that case, do the same exact thing you did in Step 2. Right Click -> 7-Zip -> Extract Here
How To Extract Multi Part Files Part 3How To Extract Multi Part Files Part 4

That's it! You now have the original file(s). If you got an error somewhere in there, you probably have a corrupt part file. Compare the file sizes you have with the file sizes on the site you downloaded from. If one is different, you're going to have to re-download that file only. If you still have issues, contact the support team where ever you downloaded the file from.


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