What is Android?

What is Android


Android is the hottest and latest operating system for tablets, phones, and other mobile devices and most importantly, integrates Google services into your phone! What does this mean...? An amazingly fast web browser, a gigantic web store of android apps, cloud sync, emulation capabilities, easy connect & share, and more amazing features. The question is... what can't your android phone do? You can use your phone to emulate old gaming systems, flash light, an obd II reader, level, gps, barcode scanner, label recognition tool, gaming system, watch movies, netflix, hulu, and more! The possiblities are endless for Android Devices.

What is Emulation?

For our sake, emulation is the process of duplicating the functions of a gaming system (such as Super Nintendo) into android applications or computer programs, which are defined as "Emulators". After an emulator is created, we can download ripped games (ROMs) and play them on Android mobile devices.

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Where are Android Emulators?

Android Emulators can be found by going to our Emulator Section. They can also be found by visiting the Google Play store available on your phone or via internet.

Where can I find Roms for Android?

Roms for Android can be found by going to our ROM Section


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